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[ Fanmix - A Break in the Monotony ]

Medium: Live Action Television
Fandom: Unnatural History
Subject: General Series Mix
Warnings: Incredibly small spoilers for the finale in the cut. And LJ killed my sizing of the cover art. I'm to lazy to go in and fix it again.
Title: "A Break in the Monotony"
Notes: This has kind of been a pet project of mine for a couple of months. I wanted to put together a general series mix, for fans and for people who wanted to see what this series is about. I tried to pick fun, upbeat songs that (I felt) fit the overall tone of the show. I tried my hardest to stay spoiler free from the finale, but a quote wormed it's way in, and I couldn't take it out! Also, beware my fail coverart. Playing with Photoshop is proving to be a disastrous experience.

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[ In Which Mariah Jumps on a Bandwagon ]

Saw this floating around & I thought I'd give it a try. Surprisingly, I'm not a King fan despite living within a half hour from his house, and going to a school where he taught. I am suitibly amused by this, since I tried with two different styles of text. One being my NaNoRiMo project for '09 which is written in the first-person, and has a decidedly different feel than the other choice, which is a steampunk novel I've been planning/writing since March of last year. Cool.

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